Thankful to Have Been Yours

As November is the month of thankfulness…

I want to thank you for giving me your eyes, your smile, your light sprinkle of freckles,

For letting me wear a plaid skirt over jeans when I was 11, because I was wanted to have my own style,

For driving me two hours to a film audition, because for the entire month I decided I wanted to be a movie star,

For being my best friend no matter what…even through those teenage years,

For the gifts and hug you had waiting for me the first time I ever had my heart broken,

For the tears you fought the first day I moved to college and again before I got on a plane to travel the world,

For teaching me to leave a place better than I found it and a human thinking the world isn’t so bad after all,

For teaching me to read people by their souls and by having a beautiful one a successful life will follow,

For showing me strength in ways few will ever see,

For making sure we said I love you every night.

I never believed there was something I couldn’t do and I owe that to you.

There will be pieces of myself I find along the way, that will cause me to stop and remember, “this is because of you mom.”

Those pieces will be my comfort, the reminder of how lucky I was to be raised by a woman that pulled the sun by a string and filled my life with incredible love.

My last thank you is for the letters, the ones that you wrote me for the bad days. That will remind me that I could never really lose you, because every piece of the beautiful person you were went into molding the person I’ll grow to be.


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